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Starting a Blog has been something I have been passionate about for some time. I have grown so much both personally and professionally in the last few years and want to be able to share this with you all. However, like a lot of you out there I have spent way too much time overthinking the idea. I have thought about all the what ifs, how it would be received and what people would think. In the end I became overwhelmed by the idea and ended up talking myself in & out of the idea several times. But, I am no longer letting my insecurities and fear of failure stop me from doing what my heart & soul wants to do.  So I am stepping out of my comfort zone and I plan to bring you a variety of awesome content. This will not be your average blog. Yes there will be personal & behind the business blog posts but there will be so much more. I have been working so hard behind the scenes to bring you all some amazing content that will add value to you & your little ones lives. You can expect a wide range of topics to be covered including styling tips & tricks, life & parenting hacks, collaborations, discount codes, room reveals & features. I can’t wait to share some of the amazing people & rooms I have lined up for you.

But first lets kick things off with a little ‘Get to Know Me’ blog, a bit of an little insight into my life and who I am as person. For those of you who don't know me my name is Colleen, I am a Wife, Mother & Small Business Owner/Creator of Faith Laine. I am a creative, passionate, slightly OCD, list writing, family person who is totally driven by success. 


I was lucky enough to met my husband, Adrian at a young age. No, we aren’t high school sweethearts (he is a few years older than me). We have been together 15 years and will have been married for 9 years this June. We have two beautiful daughters Audrey (6 next week) and Ivy (3.5 years) who are my everything. They are the reason I wake up (several times a night, #jokingnotjoking), the reason I want to be the best version of me, my constant source of love, laughter and inspiration. 




I know many people say it and it’s probably a little cliché but my family really does mean everything to me. I come from a large Maltese family - 2 brothers & 3 sister (I am number 5 of 6) and my younger sister really is my best friend. We have a total love/hate relationship, we drive each other crazy but we would be lost without one another. We speak almost every day, sometimes more than once and tell each other everything. Our oldest daughters are only 4.5 months apart and its so beautiful seeing them build just as strong of a relationship as us. I love nothing more than spending time with my siblings and their children. I am blessed to have 17 nieces and nephews ranging from 21 – 5 months old so I am lucky enough to be able to enjoy a drink with some, shopping & movies with others and park playdates with younger ones.


 2017 Christmas Day - not quite all the family but most of us

I enjoy all things health and fitness and love leading an active lifestyle. I love nothing more than waking up and sweating it out. The endorphins exercise create help me keep on top of life and get me into the best headspace to conquer my day. Since becoming a Mum of 2 though I have really struggled to priorities myself as I know a lot of us mums do. What once was a huge part of who I am and such an important part of my daily routine has now moved right down the priority list and is almost no existent as I prioritise my family & business. After a rough 2017 though I have decided that I am worth prioritising and that by making the time for me I will be a better Mother & Wife. So watch this space!

Another huge part of my personality is my passion and drive to succeed. At times this side of my personality can make my life harder than necessary as I put huge amounts of pressure on myself to grow, impress, challenge and succeed. But it has seen me create my own small business, Faith Laine that I am so proud of. I will speak about more Faith Laine and its beginning in another blog.

So that pretty much sums me up. I hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little about me. Please let me know in the comments or on my socials (Instagram & Facebook) what you thought and if there is any personal or business blog posts you would love me to cover.

Until next time, Much Love,



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