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@onemums_style Nursery Reveal

@onemums_style Nursery Reveal
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Creating a safe haven that inspires your little ones imagination, is practical yet stylish and a place that both you & your little one will cherish can be overwhelming & challenging even when you have done it all before. Join Katrina from @onemums_style and I as we talk about all things Baby No. 2 - Nursery planning, stylish yet functional, items worth the splurge, preparing to become a family of four & more. 


Welcoming a new baby is always so exciting and creating/styling their nursery is definitely one of the most enjoyable parts. It can however be so daunting trying to hone in on your vision & bring it all together. Can you tell us a little about your design process?

I wanted to create a little haven that not only baby could enjoy but also myself. First I picked out my colour theme - blush, crisp whites and a touch of wood and grey. I then put together a mood board and used Pinterest for inspiration.

All we ever want as expecting mums is to give birth to a healthy baby regardless of the gender. However, finding out you’re were having a little princess must have been so exciting. What excited you most knowing you would have a little girls’ nursery to design this time around?

I could not wait to buy all the dainty girly pieces and blush, lots of blush! It was also exciting planning a completely different nursery. The little treasures that I purchased this time were completely different to those that I chose for my son. So it was lots of fun discovering new stores and looking at a different colour palette.

As Mums we are continually learning & adapting to our child’s needs and while no two bubs are ever the same was there any changes you made or ‘Must Have Items’ you included when designing your second nursery?

There were a few new items I included this time. A Cam Cam nest, moses basket and an ottoman. My must have item would be a canopy for the cot. I believe it compliments any room and adds a special touch to the cot. Also a comfy chair for feeding and those special quiet moments.  

You have included so many gorgeous pieces in the nursey. Can you tell us what your favourite pieces or features are and why?

I love the keepsake doll from Clover and Lola. It's so beautifully made and I'm sure will be a treasured piece for years to come. The gorgeous bunny head that sits above her shelves. Such a gorgeous piece and the flower crown adds that girly touch. Lastly, the tutu mannequin. A gorgeous piece that compliments the shelf and who doesn't love tulle. 

We all wish that we had a money tree planted in the backyard but unfortunately none of us are that lucky and we need to pick & choose where we spend our money. Which piece/s of décor or furniture did you choose to splurge on & why?

I definitely splurged on a comfy arm chair. I spent many hours feeding and patting my first to sleep in his arm chair, so I wanted to ensure this time I had an armchair that was stylish as well as functional. Also special little décor pieces, as I believe they compliment any nursery and are items that you and your little one will treasure forever.

There are so many factors to consider when planning your nursery. You want to create a stylish yet practical space both you and your little one can enjoy. What are your top 3 tips for creating a nursery that is both functional & stylish?

  • Use neutral base colours. It allows you to mix it up with splashes of blush or blue as well as change the colour or theme in the room without having to do a complete overhaul.
  • I am very much minimal, so looking at spaces and working out where you can use the same space for multiple functions. Chest of drawers as well as changing table. Nursing chair as well as reading corner.
  • Try to pick timeless pieces so that the nursery doesn't look dated before baby outgrows it.

Your now in your final trimester and will be welcoming your precious little girl into the world in a blink of an eye. What are some of the things that you have been doing to prepare your family of 3 for becoming a family of 4?

Organised. Trying to be as organised as I can. This meant spring cleaning was in overdrive, all the cupboards have been cleaned out and organised and any clutter was thrown out. I have also put plans in place to ensure that Parkers world changes as minimally as possible and he still has that one on one time with someone each week.

And finally having experienced childbirth & having a newborn before what are 3 things you are glad to know this time around and wish someone had told you the first time?

  • About all the changes that your body goes through straight after birth as well as the months after.
  • That there will be a last for everything, so try to embrace and enjoy each moment.
  • There are a lot of things that are out of your control, so trying your best to go with the rollercoaster that is motherhood.



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