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How to Flatlay Like a Boss

How to Flatlay Like a Boss
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Flatlays are a huge #instatrend and its appears that almost everyone from all walks of life are using this creative style of photography to capture anything and everything - children’s décor, daily outfits (#OOTD), shopping hauls, beauty products, etc. But just how do you (what appears to be) effortlessly piece together your #flatlay to showcase your items of choice and grab everyone’s attention? Join Bec from @alwaysandforever_styling and I as we share with you our Top Tips on ‘How to Flatlay Like a Boss’.



When it comes to Flatlays light, bright and crisp is best. You just can’t go past a good window or room with natural light streaming through. While natural light isn’t always convenient, it really does create the best result and is worth chasing. So, take a walk around your home and look at where you have the most natural light streaming through. It’s also good to consider the suns positions when doing this. Depending on your homes layout you may find you have the best natural light early morning or mid afternoon. Work with what you have.

Choose Your Background

When it comes to backgrounds start simple, white cardboard, wooden floorboards, tiles, even a clean bed sheet. Depending on the products your using & the vibe you are creating you may choose to leave your background clean & simple. If your wanting to give your flatlay something more tho go for things with depth and texture such as throws, pillow cases, quilted blankets, fabric, or even printed wrapping paper.

Create Layers

By layering products and over lapping things, it creates interest, depth and forces your followers to look at more than one of the products. It gives your flatlay more dimension and warmth.

Choose a Theme

Your theme doesn’t have to be obvious. It may be as simple as a colour palette or style. The key is to make sure the products you choose compliment each other. Flatlay’s aren’t really about promoting one product; they are about showing a collection of products that work together. Sometimes your followers may not have even thought about putting that print with that garland, or those shoes with that outfit. Flatlays spark your followers/potential buyer’s interest. And let’s be honest, they look pretty in your feed!

Don’t Over Think It

Less is more, and the less you think it through, the better! It sounds silly, but if you try and style a flat lay too much it just looks ‘staged’ (even though they are!). Don’t be afraid to leave space between each product. You don’t want your image looking cluttered or chaotic. Blank space can also help balance out the image.

Work Your Angles

As for angles and spacing there are really no rules. Take shots from above and eye level, move things around and change it up until you think you have 'the shot'. It can often takes several photos before you capture the perfect angle, light and setup.

Edit your Images

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to edit your photos. There are so many amazing, easy to use apps available that make tweaking your photos super simple. Some our favs are Snapseed, VSCO & Lightroom. Now when it comes to editing keep it simple. All you really need to do is crop your photos, adjust the lighting, enhance your colour & maybe sharpen your image depending on what you have used to capture your image.

Create a Props Box

If you are a Small Biz Owner, Blogger or Rep and find yourself doing more & more flatlay shoots creating a “Prop Box” filled with some essential pieces can be really helpful. Here’s a list of a few of our favourite things:

  • To help build those layers, create depth & interest we recommend items like textured fabrics, blankets, quilt covers & lace. Pretty much any piece of material that gives your image depth and a point of difference.
  • Gorgeous wall prints (in A6 size) or milestone cards or quotes. These are always great to add a little something different, some meaning or a message to your flat lay.
  • Faux flowers, confetti, scrabble letters and alike are great to fill spaces. Add any craft materials that you think would add to your flatlay. Try Kmart, The Reject Shop, Spotlight, dollar shops & online.
  • Wooden products, Plaques & Letter Boards again add texture & interest to your flatlays. Wooden Products help add personality and can enhance your theme. While plaques & letter boards personalise your flatlays and add a little message or inspiration to your images.

Needing some inspiration? - here are some of our favourite flatlays to help you get those creative vibes flowing. 

Products featured - Perfume Bottle, Ballerina Tutu, Mumma Deer & Fawn Set, Shelfie Rocket
Featuring Chief Hoppi

Products featured -  Ballerina TutuLittle Peach, Mumma & Baby Bird Set & Winston Whale

If you have any other flatlay tips or tricks we’d love to hear them in the comments below.

Much Love

Colleen @faith_Laine & Bec @alwaysandforever_styling 

All images are credit to Bec @alwaysandforever_styling. If you interested in finding our more about Bec's services check out her Website, Facebook Group or email


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