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Creating the Ultimate Playroom

Creating the Ultimate Playroom
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When creating the ultimate playroom for your little one there is a few things you need to consider to ensure they will love to spend their days getting caught up in their imaginations.



Consider what your little ones love and enjoy spending their time doing. This could be playing dinosaurs, making crafts, hosting tea parties, fixing things, dressing up or placing house. Use these activities as your staring point and let your imagination run wild with them. For example your little Mr. Fix It's playroom could be based around a workshop, your Fairy Lover's room could be a whimsical garden or your Budding Chef may love a kitchen area.


Create a playroom that is super functional but don't forget to include unique or special pieces that you and your little one can both cherish for many years to come; even when they have outgrown the space. These could include a growth chart, a box filled with special treasures, a few favourite toys or personalised pieces of decor.


Possibly the most important thing to consider when creating your playroom is how the space will inspire your little ones imagination and encourage them to PLAY, LEARN & GROW. Include games/toys that help fine motor skills development and are educational and, be sure to include an area that encourages imaginative play such as kitchens, dress up cupboards, workshop benches or a shop stall.


Ensure you include a designated toy storage system so toys can easily be found, and neatly packed away at the end of the day. This will help teach your little ones that everything has a place and will also help encourage them to pack their toys away.


Finally be sure to create a sanctuary where your little one can wind down, chill out, read some books and enjoy some quiet time. This can be as simple as a reading nook, a few cushions under a canopy, a play mat next to a book shelf, a tee-pee or house bed.

Needing some inspiration on how to put all this together???
Check out the Ultimate Playroom Belinda from @sweethomestyling has created for her three princesses below. 
Belinda - "I had so much fun creating a space with my three little girls creative natures as my main inspiration. I wanted to create lots of opportunity for imaginative moments of play, a magical space where their little minds can expand & explore, a space where they can escape to for quiet time under the canopy & read a book"

Belinda - "My girls have the most amazing little imaginations & spend so much time in imaginary play. When I was creating the kitchen area I wanted to create the feeling of the kitchen being in a house, so I painted the house outline behind the play kitchen, it gives it the feel of exactly what I wanted."


 Belinda - "I have done a little DIY & made a letter box on a picket fence, my girls love writing letters & posting them - we use this letter box for all sorts of things, I often will write them little love letters & because they’re learning to read at the moment their favourite thing to do is to check the letterbox of a morning to see if there’s any letters for them to read. It’s such a positive addition to our playroom."

 girls -playroom-girls-bedroom-faith-laine

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  • Dee: July 12, 2018

    Amazing!! Belinda has done a wonderful job, she should be so proud! And how gorgeous do all your pieces look in the space!

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